The Sign on the Door

Written By Patricia Hill (Written 2017 - 12 years old)
Billy Norman's Granddaughter

The sign on the door

This piece of paper means the absolute world to me. This paper holds all of my love in this world. This paper, my Great Grandpa Vyrl hung on his apartment door. As you can see it has a picture of me on my horse that my Grandpa Billy got me. Grandpa Billy is Vyrl's son. Vyrl's wife, Patty died before I was born. That is why I am named Patricia. That is also why I absolutely hate being called Patty or Pat, is because it reminds me of her. Even though I never met her, that just makes it worse for me to think of her.

This sign was on his apartment door that way every time I went there to see him this is how I found it. When I went there I had to remind him who I was and who my parents were. This was very hard for me because I was six or seven. I don't remember a lot from when I was six or seven but what I do remember is that every time I went there he started to get worse. Over time he started to forget how to move and talk. The worst thing ever is when you start to forget how to eat. Then you forget how to breathe then the doctors can't do anything about it. They can try and keep you alive for a couple of days but they don't want to spend too much time on you.

I remember I loved his girlfriend. She was so pretty. She was also really funny. Her name was Louise. Louise, Papa and I loved to play games and do puzzles. When I was little we all called him Papa, so it stuck so I have always called him papa.

Papa, I don't think ever officially forgot me but I really don't know for sure. But what I do know is that when he died my whole life went down and hasn't really came back up to my full extent of happiness. As you know that Papa was a very big part of my life. When he died it was probably the worst thing of my life. He was my biggest priority to make the best impression on him ever. I know that family is always supposed to love you. I believe that, but he was my hero so I wanted to impress him all the time. I made him so many things and when I got them back I threw away because I was mad that he left me. My mom hid this sign from me so I wouldn't throw it away too. Thank goodness she did or I wouldn't know now that I am older I miss him more than I am mad at him. I hang this sign on my bedroom door with pleasure and know that he is still with me and he will always be. He is either laughing, yelling, or smiling at me for what I have done with my life since he left.