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All boot are $20 off per pair!!

Genuine US Military Mickey Mouse Boots/Bunny Boots
GREAT for Alaskan and Canadian Cold Weather

Genuine military Mickey Mouse Boots, or as known in Alaska, "Bunny Boots." These all come with an air valve on the side*, are black or white in color and 12" high. These boots are unused or like new condition, but since they are 20-30 years old, they can sometimes show where they have been rubbing. In some cases they may have been worn a couple of times. All are in excellent condition.

No half sizes, suggest wearing wool socks. I raced the Iron Dog Snowmobile Race from Anchorage to Nome five times. After the first race in 1984, because 2 people frostbit their feet, it became a rule that all racers must have these boots with them. One year I filled mine with water at 30 below. I dumped the water out, wrung my wool socks out, and put the wet socks back on. In 10 minutes my feet were nice and warm again. Wet, but warm. These boots come in black or white.

* OK, let me explain the air valve on the side: This was put in the boot for troops flying at high altitudes. The valve is open at high altitude and closed when you are not in the airplane. The air pocket gives you more insulation and warmth. Please leave the valve closed! DO NOT add air to the valve. Also, if you're not buying from me, make sure you're getting Genuine US Military Boots and not the Korean or French boot!

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All Boots are unused or show less than 5% wear

Black Bunny Boots

The difference between white and black boots is the white boots have one more layer of felt over your toes or top of foot. I rode in lots of snowmobile races in Alaska over 13 years and always wore the black boots, I was plenty satisfied.
Size & ColorPrice# of Pairs Ordering
$89.00 $69.00
$109.00 $89.00
$119.00 $99.00

White Bunny Boots
Size & ColorPrice# of Pairs Ordering
$139.00 $119.00
$159.00 $139.00 (size 8)
$179.00 $159.00 (size 13)
ALL boots come in men's sizes.
For women's sizes, subtract two (2) sizes from men's size
(i.e., woman's size 8 = men's size 6).

These boots do not come in half sizes.
We recommend that you order your normal shoe/boot size.

Free shipping on all boot sales

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