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Genuine Alaska Homestead Land Deed
Genuine Alaska Homestead Land Deed
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Now you can own your piece of Alaska!!

This Genuine Alaska Homestead Deed grants ownership of one square foot of Alaska Land to the recipient. Each deed has a lot and block number. Home of the Iditarod Trail and the Irondog Race, Alaska is truly the Last Frontier.

This authentic deed is a great collectible, excellent conversation piece, and makes a great gift for the Alaska enthusiast or the person who has almost everything.

"I've purchased your Alaska homestead deeds before and have been very pleased! What a great gift! Now, I'd like to send one to my father-in-law for his birthday -- would it be possible to have the deed filled out in his name and mailed to him (without the sales receipt!) as a gift?
Thanks so much -"

Lauren Parks

$9.95 each for one
$8.50 each for two to nine
$5.50 each for ten to 49
$4.50 each for 50 to 99
$3.95 each for 100 to 499
$2.95 each for 500 or more
Note: FREE shipping on Deeds!!

You can order online and mail a check or money order to:
Billy Norman
1207 Silverbrook Lane, Spearfish, SD 57783

To pay with Paypal, send money to email:

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In Alaska on the Arctic Ocean shoreline
or in other words, on the North Slope, near Barrow

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why do people buy these?
    Primarily as gifts and conversation pieces. Know somebody who "already has everything?" This is a great gift for them!

  2. Do you have to pay taxes on the land?

  3. Can the deed be recorded? Does it have to be?
    Yes it can, no it doesn't have to be. There is a $10 recording fee.

  4. Is the land really there?
    Yes! Back in the 1960's one acre was divided into 43,560 one square foot lots. These deeds are for one lot each and each deed lists the individual lot and block.

  5. Where in Alaska is this land?
    Located about 150 miles northeast of Anchorage, it is near the town of McCarthy, very near the Canadian border.
The land is tax free. Because of the size of the parcel (1 square foot) this land is sold as a conversation piece/collectible only, not an investment.