A 75 Year Old Love Story

by Billy Norman

This morning my wife's mother, Kay Wagner called, she is 93. Kay's best friend is Edna at the Senior Apartments in Spearfish, South Dakota. Edna is 94. Kay and Edna call the other residents the "young girls" who are in their late 70's and 80's and said they are always so bossy. These young girls were not even born yet when Kay and Edna had graduated from high school.

Just recently Edna received a letter from her old boyfriend in Yakima, Washington who is 100 years old. He asked her to fly out and see him. She said yes. She got the plane ticket and tried to find someone to take her to Rapid City airport. Nobody would give her a ride. Edna's family raised a big fit and said no. So Edna hired someone to give her a ride. She got things in order at home as if she knew she wasn't coming back. She was in Yakima two days then she got sick, went into a coma and died; her funeral was held in Spearfish.

Kay was sad but she said Edna died her way and it was what she wanted.